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There are many activities and behaviors that help us cope with the daily stressors of life as well as help us relax and have fun. Activities and behaviors such as: Drinking Alcohol, Shopping, Gambling, Sex, Internet, Exercise, Food, & Work all fall into this category. An Addiction or Compulsive Behavior forms when these behaviors start to take over our life or that of a loved one. There is a loss of control and our life becomes unmanageable. We become addicted. The following warning signs become apparent:

  • Family, money, or work problems made worse by the behavior

  • Complaint from friends or family about the behavior

  • For emotional reasons your tend to depend on the behavior for relief

  • Recurrent mood swings or personality changes related to the behavior

  • Recurrent avoidance or inappropriate acting out behaviors due to the behavior

  • Broken promises, or unresponsive to family, social activities or employment needs due to the behavior

  • Feelings of regret, guilt or sadness after the behavior

  • Thoughts of suicide before or after the behavior


The good news is that there are many people just like you that might be struggling with an addiction and are on their way to a more peaceful and sober way of life. Confidential support is available and we want to help you take the first step to recovery! If any of these warning signs are apparent in your life, please give REACH a call to get the right confidential care. 1-800-273-5273

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