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EAP Solutions for Your Workforce

Hospital Employees

EAP & Work/Life 

REACH Employee Assistance provides confidential face-to-face, telehealth (phone and virtual) EAP & Work/Life counseling assistance and referral. Access to a professional counselor 24 hours a day 7 days a week is available for crisis concerns through our toll free 800 number. REACH offers several options for the number of counseling sessions available. Professional counseling, assessment and referral are available for a wide range of work/life related issues such as: •Addictions: alcohol, drugs, gambling, eating, smoking, sex, overspending Emotional: depression, anxiety, stress, childhood abuse, ADD, suicide •Home Ownership: Services/Savings/ Refinance/ Down Payment Assistance Programs •Financial: credit, planning, investing, bankruptcy •Career: vocational, guidance, testing, placement •Elder Care: retirement, senior care taking •Parenting: single parent, step parent •Legal: divorce, family, personal injury, wills, criminal •Relationships; marital, family, child, divorce, co-dependency •Workplace: co-worker, supervisor, threats, violence, harassment

REACH Employee Assistance provides our client companies with immediate crisis assistance and referral where on-site consultation, group and individual debriefings, are needed. The following critical incidents can be supported: •Threat or Violence •Earthquakes •Layoffs •Employee Termination •Company Closings •Death of Employee

Psychology Session
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Substance Abuse Professional SAP/DOT Support

REACH Employee Assistance provides Substance Abuse Professionals (SAP's) meeting all requirements under Department of Transportantion -DOT Programs under 49 CFR Part 40 as well as specific needs under our clients Drug Free Workplace Policy. These services and requirements may include the following: •Face-to-Face initial and follow-up sessions and letters documenting these sessions and evaluation of positive drug tested referred employee •Thorough monitoring and compliance reporting to client organization including- SAP interfacing and communication between the DER of the employer •The treatment/educational program, and other designated authorities, complete program compliance documentation •Ongoing consultation regarding corporate compliance, training, audit preperation, managerial concerns and individual employee situations.

REACH Employee Assistance provides supervisor consultation and training to support, educate, increase supervisory skills, and promote professional development. Trainings are designed to work in conjunction with corporate training programs already in place, as well as on their own. Trainings are customized to meet specific organizational time needs. Additional training topics may be developed to meet specific corporate needs. The following are topics commonly requested: •Basic Employee Assistance Supervisor Training; Referring a “Troubled Employee” •Drug Free Workplace Training; Awareness, Prevention, Intervention / Federal Mandatory (DOT) •DFWP Training •Sexual Harassment: What Every Supervisor Must Know •Violence in the Workplace: A Supervisor Prevention Model •Cultural Diversity: Working Well Together •Effective Time Management •Avoiding Executive Burnout: Stress Management for Supervisors •Improving Communication Skills: Assertiveness Training •Managing Organizational Change •Employee Motivation and Team Building •Depression / HIV – AIDS / In the Workplace •How To Manage A Difficult Employee •Re-directing Your Career: Finding Your Path To Success

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Human Resource Partnering & Referral

REACH Employee Assistance provides our client companies with HR assistance and referral. This unique “partnering” allows for added response and support for the critical decisions facing Human Resources Department Personnel. The following are HR functions where immediate response, on-site consultation, assistance and referral can be provided: •Safety Concerns; Threat or Violence Prevention, Assessment and Response, Earthquake Preparedness and Response, Accidents •Layoffs / Out-placement and Re-organization; Individual / group support •Death of Employee; De-briefing and loss groups, family response •Policy and Procedures; Drugs, Threats, Violence, Harassment, AIDS, ADA, Absenteeis •Drug Testing; Laboratory Referral (DOT) Approved •Employee and Labor Relations Concerns; Conflict resolution, mediation •Benefits Plan Analysis: Mental Health and Substance Abuse treatment •Workers Compensation; Re-entry, and Fitness-for-duty evaluations •Wellness Programs and Health Fairs; Resources and seminars •Organizational Development; Team building, employee and management trainings

Corporate Wellness Seminars

REACH Employee Assistance provides customized corporate wellness educational seminars designed to increase personal and professional development, while promoting a healthy workforce. Seminars are provided on-site and are especially designed for a lunch hour time frame. The following are topical areas that are commonly requested: •Addictions: alcohol, drugs, gambling, eating, smoking, sex, overspending •Emotional: depression, anxiety, stress, childhood abuse, ADD, suicide •Financial: credit, planning, investing, bankruptcy •Career: vocational, guidance, testing, placement •Elder Care: retirement, senior care taking •Parenting: single parent, step parent •Legal: divorce, family, personal injury, wills, criminal •Relationships; marital, family, child, divorce, co-dependency

Business Conference

Executive Coaching & Retreat Seminars

Executive and employee coaching services are available through our REACHnet national coaching network and will be customized to meet and master professional and personal areas of concern. Fire Your Excuses, customized coaching services, based on the groundbreaking book by Dr Marcus Dayhoff, REACH Clinical Director, and Dr Bill Dyment are also available. The Fire Your Excuses coaching model focuses on the 8 life chapter areas from the book, that assist executives in their personal and professional lives to be or remain "top performers." Retreat Seminars are available for Half Day, Full Day and Overnight/Two Day Retreats. Seminars are offered featuring the following topics: •Fire Your Excuses: Corporate Seminars -based on the groundbreaking book, Fire Your Excuses •Mobile Multi-Tasking:Strategic Time Management for Executive Leaders •Executive Stress Management: Balancing Work and Family in Today’s Fluid Economy •Team Building: Maximizing Team Personality, Dynamics and Purpose •Emotional Intelligence: The Foundation of Effective Leadership •Emotional Intelligence: The Role of EI in Enhancing Creativity •Emotional Intelligence: Cultivating Resiliency in Leadership. Online Resources

REACH Employee Assistance provides our client companies with “online resources”. Powered by the Internet, is another vehicle that employees can assess their need for further assistance as well as build personal and organizational skills. Employees simply click on “reachline” through this site, enter a password secured area, and are provided a variety of online resources and digital tools such as: •Self-Assessment Tools •REACH Online Magazine •EAP & Work-Life Benefit Information •Supervisor Skill Building Newsletter •Employee Health and Wellness Tips •Links To Life Skill Resources

Digital Reading
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Informational Management Reporting

REACH Employee Assistance provides our client companies with comprehensive reports to monitor and maximize service activities and utilization. REACH utilizes EAP EXPERT, Management Information System (MIS),, which is recognized as a leader in providing customized employee assistance data. In addition to providing the following information, reports may be designed to meet specific company needs. Utilization: Employee & Family Contacts, Phone & Counseling Sessions,Self & Management Referrals, Demographics, Method of Referral, Principal Diagnosis Activities: Training, Seminars & Orientations, Human Resource Consultations, Off-site Consultations, On-site Group Sessions, Crisis Debriefings & Response, Special Meetings

REACH Employee Assistance can provide added value and benefits to your organization by providing a “broad brush” comprehensive hands-on (EAP) Employee Assistance Program. We offer a comprehensive solutions package with the highest quality of professional services available to assist the specific needs of your organization.

For further information please call our Anaheim Corporate Office at: 1-800-273-5273 or e-mail us at

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