We are better together!

Diversity Works

“We must not only learn to tolerate our differences, but we must welcome them as the richness and diversity which can lead to true intelligence.”    -Albert Einstein

Respecting how we are alike and different in the workplace is every ones business. A “diverse workplace” is one that recognizes and values these and other qualities in employees:

Racial heritage    

Skills and talents


Life experiences


Religious beliefs


Mental abilities


Family traditions


Personal Style

Sexual orientation

Social customs


Physical abilities



Steps we can take to embrace a diverse workplace:

  • Identify and celebrate the groups to which I belong, experiencing and expressing pride in those groups.


  • Examine my own beliefs and assumptions about groups other than my own.


  • Refuse to participate in and interrupt prejudice jokes and activities which demean or show disrespect to others.


  • Look for the delight and pleasures in persons different from me rather than blame or judge others for their values and/or behaviors.


  • Open my window of acceptability and view diversity as an opportunity to learn something more.


  • Practice personal acceptance, tolerance for differences, and working cooperatively.