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Frontline Supervisor Leadership Resources

REACH is committed to assist those on the “frontline” of our client organizations with the tools and resources necessary to meet the everyday challenges of supervising your team. Please contact REACH if your organization wishes to schedule a training or to make an appointment with a REACH Supervisor Consultant.

EAP Basics Training Program

If you have not been through an EAP Basics Supervisor Training in the past and wish to review the presentation below, we recommend that you contact us first to set up a phone appointment with a REACH Supervisor Consultant. As they will be happy to review the presentation together with you and answer any questions that you might have.

Please download the following training  handouts which accompany the EAP Basics Slide Presentation:

** Supervisor EAP Basic Training -Handouts

**Supervisor EAP Basics Training -Slide Presentation

Frontline Newsletter

The following are helpful informational guidlines for managing your team from the “frontline” of your organization.

Leading Your Team Through COVID-19

Managing an employee with suicidal concerns

A Leadership guide to managing an employee with depression

A Supervisors Guide to Motivating Your Work Force

Trauma Management; Helping your team through a crisis

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