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Apps For Better Mental Health

As we have all become more driven by online media resources and the use of our smart phones, we wanted to first provide some current research conducted by KGA Associates, on important wellness related “phone apps” that can be used to improve your over all wellbeing. From getting a good nights sleep to improving your workout program, here are a list of great "apps for a better mental health" and why they are good!


*  Optimism – Track your mood, behavior, triggers, and coping strategies to find out what works best for you over time and how to remain positive through difficult situations. Try out this emotional well-being app on iOS (version 4.3 or newer) as an adjunct to counseling for free. Download: iOS


*  MindShift – This free mental wellness app is available for both iOS (version 5.0 or newer) and Android. It gives users the opportunity to learn about anxiety, panic and how they can control it. The inspirational quotes may help you think more positively. Download: iOS / Android


* SnoreLab – This app keeps a record of snoring, as well as any lapses of breathing, which could indicate sleep apnea. It can be found for iOS (version 6.0 or newer) for $1.99. Download: iOS


* What’s My M3 – This free mental wellness app (iOS version 7.0 or newer and Android) allows the user to administer a self-test of symptoms of disorders such as anxiety, depression, substance abuse, and OCD. Download: iOS / Android


* Tactical Breather – Relax at a moment’s notice with simple breathing exercises led by a soothing male or female voice. This mental wellness app is available for both iOS (version 4.3 or newer) and Android for free. Download: iOS / Android



* My Fitness Pal – Track your weight through this easy-to-use and supportive weight management apps found on both iOS (version 6.0 or newer) and Android for free. My Fitness Pal helps to motivate an individual who is having difficulty building fitness into their daily routine by reaching back out and suggesting simple, behavioral techniques such as a “squat challenge” or healthy recipe. Sign up for a free account here and choose from many different apps:


* Quit Smoking with Andrew Johnson – This mental wellness app, for both iOS (version 7.0 or newer) and Android for $2.99, is for anyone committed to kicking this bad habit. Download: iOS / Android


* Mind Tools – Build over 100 personal and business skills in your free time through an assortment of topics, including team management and stress management. This management app is available for both iOS (version 5.1 or newer) and Android for free. For  specific work challenges, Mind Tools can offer a convenient way to offer specific development activities. Download: iOS / Android


* Get Some Headspace – This free mental wellness app offers ten sessions of 10-minute meditation that concentrates on breathing and focusing strategies given through calming audios. This app is ideal for one who doesn’t have the time or money to join a 10-week class, but wants to begin a meditation program. Download: iOS / Android


* Recovery Record: Eating Disorder Management – Track and control an eating disorder by logging all of your meals, snacks, thoughts, and feelings throughout the day. As an adjunct to eating disorder treatment, Recovery Record can take the place of journaling and worksheets. Download for either iOS (version 4.3 or newer) or Android for free. Download: iOS / Android


For more information on App related support contact REACH at 1-800-273-5273

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