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Balancing Work & Family Life

Managing the transition

One of the greatest challenges to finding a balance with work and family life is effectively “managing the transitional period” between leaving work and meeting friends and family.
The following suggestions may help in this mental, emotional and physical transition:
Leaving work / On your way home 


  • Finish all work related calls before leaving work.
  • Mentally focus on “non-work” related thoughts as soon as you leave work.
  • If urgently paged or called on your drive home, commit to refocusing back to non-
  • work related thoughts as soon as possible.
  • Allow for moments of silence and meditation when leaving work.
  • Listen to what ever assist you in making the mental shift on your walk or drive
  • home.
  • Change your drive or walk routine and scenery from time to time.


Arriving home

  • Change clothes immediately to physically make the professional to personal
  • transition.
  • Announce your need to have a few moments to “unwind” before engaging in family
  • concerns.
  • If necessary include family members and children in “unwinding” activities.
  • Take a few moments to relieve your body stress by lying down or stretching.
  • Avoid speaking to family members as if they were your employees or clients.
  • Limit the amount of time you spend conversing about work concerns.
  • Take a 10-minute walk or sit outside before starting your family activities.
  • Plan rewarding weekly activities with friends and family.
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REACH can provide confidential assistance for work and family related concerns. 
REACH Employee Assistance, Inc. 

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