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Fire yOur Excuses

Dr Marcus Dayhoff, REACH Clinical Director in partnership with Dr Bill Dyment of Dyment & Associates, welcome you to the Fire Your Excuses blog web site! Here you will find inspirational and motivational postings that will help equip you for personal and professional challenges. Based on their groundbreaking book, Fire Your Excuses, Dr Dayhoff, and Dr Dyment, will share insights and breakthrough tools for managing life challenges. You are also invited to take the free FYE self-assessment at the official FYE web site (below) which will help identify which of 8 life areas that your excuses are "hanging out", and receive a free report providing you with insights and tools to immediately begin the road to personal and professional development! FIRE YOUR EXCUSES SITE

In the following Interview with Dr Dayhoff he gives practical information from the "Social Connections" chapter of the book, Fire Your Excuses! Simply click on the book icon below.

Weaknesses - The Ultimate Motivator?

“Having a weakness is not the same thing as an excuse, not doing anything about it, is! John Wooden said it best, ‘Don’t let what you can’t do keep you from doing what you can.'” Our challenge is two-fold:  First, to honestly and accurately define our weaknesses. Then, second, to courageously seek out that one thing we can start to do, even this week, to begin the journey of turning that weakness into an emerging strength. In the inspiring and educational video clip below, Kevin Gaffney shares about his battle with Multiple Sclerosis, also known as “MS.”  Instead of allowing the challenges that many face with this disease to bring him down, Kevin founded, TEAM CRASH, a bike team that rides annually to raise money to find a cure for MS. Over time, Kevin has turned his weakness into a strength, and in so doing, empowered himself and many others to ride into their illness head on. Kevin is quick to add, “I ride because I can.” And each of us, inspired by his actions, must consider, “How can our weakness motivate us?”

Excerpted from- Fire Your Excuses,                                TEAM CRASH VIDEO

"I work like i mean it!"

Rachel Padilla 

Senior Intake Counselor -REACH 


We are excited to announce the winner for this quarter as our own REACH -Senior Intake Counselor, Rachel Padilla! 

"Rachel is one of the most committed workers I have ever worked with. Since she joined our staff over 10 years ago, she has always been available and willing to assist other team members if there is ever a problem. Her passion to help others is evident to everyone that she comes in contact with. Rachel's calm spirit in such a fast pace and challenging work culture is amazing. Each day that she comes to work she definitely "works like she means it." Rachel is my pick for this award!" 


-Dr Marcus Dayhoff, Clinical Director, REACH 

Do you know our next winner?!

Do you know a co-worker, or team employee or even yourself, that you think is deserving of the next "I work like I mean it" REACH Employee Recognition Award?! If so please send us their name, company they work for and why you think they should be the recipient.  Each quarter we select one employee that is nominated by their peers or supervisor from one of our client organizations. This nomonee is a deserving employee that embodies the statement "I work like I mean it" as displayed by their positive workplace performance, character, and team spirit. The recepient will be mentioned and pictured here at our "Fire Your Excuses" blog, given a free signed hard back copy of Fire Your Excuses book, as shown above, and given a Starbucks Gift Card! Its our way of saying keep up the great work and "keep working like you mean it!" Email nominations to us by June 15th, and we will announce the winner here on July 1, 2017!

Disclaimer: As with adhering to our Privacy Policy, winners and their infomation are only stated and posted in any form solely by their permission only.

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