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Effective communication is essential to building healthy and productive relationships at home and work. The Self-Assessment Inventory below can help evaluate how well you communicate.





How true are the following statements (rarely true) 1 – 2 – 3 – 4 – 5  (usually true)


  1.   I am often unclear about the responsibilities of my job ________

  2.   I often try to listen to someone “with half an ear” while doing something else ______

  3.   I have problems “getting along” with my co-workers ______

  4.   I rarely express my true feeling to anyone ______

  5.   I have problems staying focused when someone is talking to me ______

  6.   I have been referred to as unapproachable, emotionally unavailable, or withdrawn ______

  7.   I often feel misunderstood ______

  8.   I tend to get emotionally upset when someone disagrees with me ______

  9.   I often feel like others control the conversation with me ______

  10.   I do whatever I can to avoid a confrontation ______

  11.   I have been told more than once, that I am insensitive ______

  12.   I have been told more than once that I speak too fast, slow, soft or loud ______

  13.   I rarely ask for clarification even when I’m not sure what was being said to me ______

  14.   I often have difficulty understanding what others are saying ______

  15.   I often withdraw or become verbally aggressive when confronted at home or work ______

  16.   I often speak before I think _____

  17.   I feel that I compete more than converse ______

  18.   When told a problem I often am too quick to give advice ______

  19.   I have been told that I interrupt why others are talking ______

  20.   I rarely smile, try to compliment, or show gratitude to co-workers ______




The following scoring index should be used to suggest a rating of your communication skills.

    20-40 = Great

    51-75 = Good

    76-100 = Average

    101-125 = Poor

REACH provides confidential counseling and coaching assistance to help with improving your communication skills. To speak to a counselor or set up an appointment call toll free 1-800-273-5273.

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