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Answer the following questions as Y or N (Yes or No) 


1.   When first contacting REACH was your request handled promptly by the Intake Counselor? ____

2.   Did the Intake counselor handle your request with care and concern? ____

3.   Did the Intake Counselor assist you with your request? ____


4.   If you were referred for "non-counseling" ie: legal, financial, elder care, -related assistance did the provider/business handle your request in a prompt professional manner? ____


5.   Did the non-counseling related referral provide you with necessary assistance for your requested concern? ____


6.   Would you be willing to be referred to this non-counseling referral in the future? ____


7.   If you were referred for counseling assistance did the counselor/therapist referred to handle your request and schedule your appointment promptly? ____


8.   Did the counselor/therapist referred to provide you with the support you requested? ____


9.  Would you be willing to be referred to this counselor/therapist in the future? ____


10. Was your overall experience with REACH satisfactory and would you contact REACH for future assistance? ____

**Is there anything else that you would like to tell us in response to any of the questions? 

**If REACH did not meet your satisfaction can our Clinical Director contact you to learn how we can improve? If so at what number or email shall we contact you? 

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