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Coping with COVID-19- For Healthcare Workers

Managing our emotional health through the COVID-19

Coping strategies for healthcare workers

The demands of healthcare professionals working on the frontline during this time can be quite challenging. Managing our stress and emotional health are equally as important as managing our physical health. The following are common reactions and effective strategies to help you cope.

Common Reactions:

  • Difficulty concentrating and being preoccupied with health related concerns Irritability, increased anxiety, periods of intense stress, and becoming easily upset

  • Concerns about you or someone you know contracting the virus

  • A fixation on social media and 24/7 news updates

  • Hurt and anger with family, social community, and others not taking the health crisis seriously

  • Feelings of sadness, isolation, despair, and thoughts of self harm

  • Interpersonal work and family relationships negatively affected

  • Physical problems such as exhaustion, headache, sleep and appetite disturbance


Coping Strategies

  • Focus on things you have control over when caring for yourself and family members

  • Maintain your physical health with daily exercise, proper balanced diet, and a good night’s sleep Practicing social distancing without social isolating by calling family and close friends daily

  • Create and stick to a routine schedule to help normalize and gain a sense of control

  • Minimize over exposure of 24/7 media coverage and news that can elevate stress

  • Plan positive activities throughout the week that bring enjoyment

  • Take “mindful timeouts” to meditate, pray, or pause a few minutes to breath and relax

  • Find something humorous each day to make you laugh

  • Make a list of things that you are “grateful” for and review it often

  • Connect with trusted family and friends regarding personal concerns to find positive solutions

  • Seek out professional and confidential assistance through REACH if additional support is needed



REACH counselors are available to provide further assistance and referrals for COVID-19 related concerns. To speak to a counselor contact REACH at 1-800-273-5273.


Suggested website for additional information:

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