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Be very inspired!

2018! Fresh Starts, Feel Happy & Inspired all year!

I am convinced that the modern day research and pyschology of "being happy" is more about changing what make us "unhappy" -the behaviors, thoughts, things and people in life, then finding what makes us happy. Any one else what to make a confession...? Since the holidays are over I can start...(Silence) Last year I lost 30lbs that I thought would never come off. Through changing my eating and exercise habits and getting some support and accountability I was able to succeed, now going on 7 months of keeping it off. Oh yeah, did I say I got some "suppport and accountability?" I challenge you with whatever it is in this new year that is making you "unhappy", to just announce to one or even two close freinds what you intend to positively change and why your changing it. And ask them to ask you about it each time you do coffee. Believe me it will help you stay serious and things will start to positively change. Yes, the holidays were brutal and every "german chocolate and friut cake" was calling my name... My confession you ask, I avoided coffee with my accountability partners since November... I did assure them that the "espresso" is on me at our meeting this week. Take my challenge, and I assure you that it will help make 2018 a year with fresh starts, happiness, and inspiration. 

Dr Marcus Dayhoff, Clinical Director, REACH

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