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Drug Abuse is Life Abuse!

Helping Employees Choose Life 

Maintaining a drug free workplace is everyones business! At REACH, assisting you and your organization in keeping drug problems out of the workplace is one of our highest priorities. We know that with the growing concerns of our nations "opioid crisis" as well as other drug and alcohol problems, sustance abuse in the workplace is still a significant issue. And it is a growing concern for employers since many drug users, heavy drinkers, and people with substance use disorders are employed. As an EAP we know that awareness about the impact of substance abuse and how it affects all of us is critical. Consider these facts from the National Institute on Drug Abuse:


  • 1 in 7 have a problem with alcohol

  • 1 in 15 use some sort of illegal drugs

  • 90 percent of abusers are employed

  • At least 4 other people are directly affected by a substance abuser during their life time

  • Denial is the most common reason people do not seek help    


The following symptoms are often associated with substance abuse and can help determine if one may have a problem:


  • family, money, driving or work problems made worse by alcohol or drugs

  • complaint from friends or family about substance use

  • habitual use of alcohol or drugs for emotional reasons

  • recurrent mood swings or personality changes related to drug or alcohol use

  • recurrent inebriation or inappropriate behavior due to use

  • broken promises, or unresponsive to family, social, or employment needs due to use

If you or someone you know exhibits any of the warning signs listed above, immediate assistance may be required. Seek out a caring family member, friend or a professional counselor to assess the need for support. REACH is always available if you or your organization needs to partner with an EAP for consultation or to provide training programs in this area of drug free workplace.

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