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COVID-19-Returning to Work

Going Back to Work During and After COVID-19

6 positive steps to move forward 


It can be emotionally challenging when returning to work after weeks of working remotely to comply with CDC requirements. How affectively we manage the transition is critical. Consider the following steps:


1) Stay connected with family and friends during breaks or lunch time. A check-in may be helpful for you and your loved ones especially until you are back into your work routine. 


2) Adopt a “one day, one week at a time” approach. Especially after periods of feeling isolated, a wide range of emotions can be expected. Focus on what you can control while giving yourself time to recover and asking for support in areas that are difficult. 


3) Keep COVID-19 news, opinions, and conversations to a minimum when at work. Since the recent changes have affected each of us differently, remaining sensitive to others while staying focused on work matters is critical. 


4) Rely on stress management techniques to relieve anxieties throughout the work day. Take a few moments to step outside, use numbered breathing or other therapeutic tools that work best for you. 


5) Let your supervisor know if you need assistance regarding safety or security matters. As your organization continues to adjust to health requirements, your input may also be helpful to keep you and your team safe.


6) Seek out professional assistance as needed. REACH, your employee assistance and work/life program, can provide confidential professional support to help you and your family make a smooth transition.


REACH counselors are available to provide further assistance and referrals for COVID-19 related concerns. To speak to a counselor contact REACH at 1-800-273-5273.


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