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Difficult People

We often think of a “difficult person” as aggressive, mean or hostile. However, there are many other types who we can categorize as “difficult”, such as:

  • Pessimists

  • Pleasers who agree with us to avoid a confrontation, but rarely deliver on a promise

  • Procrastinators who put off making decisions or insist on things being “perfect”

  • Know-it-alls

  • Shrewd and manipulative people

  • People who behave in a deceitful and underhanded manner

  • Complainers who whine about problems, but never get them resolved


Regardless of the type, to avoid the difficult person from affecting our emotional or physical well being and to allow for personal and professional growth, consider the following:

  • Evaluate

  • Don’t personalize

  • Change your response

  • Make a planned response

  • Act with confidence

  • Allow for emotional growth


REACH counselors are available to provide further assistance and referrals for difficult people related concerns. To speak to a counselor contact REACH at 1-800-273-5273.

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