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Rate how true are the following statements
are about your current relationship

(rarely true) 1 – 2 – 3 – 4 – 5  (usually true)

___It is difficult for my partner and I to laugh, play and have genuine fun.
___Problems often divide us and put us against each other.
___We often disagree about issues involving money.
___I rarely express my true feeling in our relationship.
___We have difficulty accepting each others family members.
___One of us could be described as unapproachable, emotionally unavailable, or    withdrawn.
___There is often misunderstanding in our communication.
___We do not often share common goals or dreams for the future.
___Our sex life is rarely satisfying.
___My partner and I differ in moral and values standards.
___One of us is often accusing the other of being insensitive.
___Honesty about feelings and thoughts are sometimes a problem in our relationship.
___I sometimes feel insecure that my partner may someday leave me.
___Power and decision-making are often a struggle in our relationship.
___We often withdraw or become verbally aggressive during or after an argument.
___There is some definite problems with respecting each other.
___I often have problems listening to or being listened to in our relationship.
___We have major differences with regard to religious values.
___We cannot talk freely about work related concerns.
___I believe our relationship is very unhealthy.


The following scoring index should be used to suggest a rating of your communication skills.

20-40 = Great

41-65 = Good

66-85 = Average

85-100 = Poor


REACH provides confidential counseling and referral assistance to help with your relationships. To speak to a counselor or set up an appointment call toll free 1-800-273-5273.

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