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Straight Answers to 7 Common Questions

About Your EAP Benefit

What is REACH?

REACH is your employee/associate assistance program contracted and pre-paid by your employer as a benefit for you and your immediate family. The program provides confidential short-term counseling, assessment and referral for a variety of concerns. Professional staff associates and affiliates, licensed/certified, with a variety of clinical expertise, provide counseling.


Why does my employer have REACH?
We all experience personal and work related stressors at one time or another. Your employer cares that you get the right type of assistance for these problems. REACH has been contracted to confidentially give you immediate assistance and referral that will help toward problem resolution.


Where is REACH located?
REACH is corporately based in Anaheim, California, and has various counseling office locations through staff associates and affiliates locally and nationally.


What type of assistance is available?
REACH can assist you with all kinds of personal and work related issues. The most common problems are:

  • Relationships: Family, Marital, Child

  • Addictions: Alcohol and Drug Abuse, Gambling, Food, Sex

  • Emotional: Depression, Anxiety, Stress

  • Workplace: Co-worker, Supervisor

  • Legal: Family, Personal Injury, Criminal

  • Financial: Credit and Planning

  • Career: Vocational Guidance

  • Elder Care: Retirement, Care Support

  • Parenting: Single and Step


Are services confidential?
Yes. Law and professional ethical code can assure you that all information given to REACH by phone, email, or in session will be afforded the maximum confidentiality. The exception would only be by law where danger to self or others may mandate reporting


Are services free?
Yes. Your employer prepays all services provided by REACH for you and your dependents. However, if the REACH staff recommends treatment or referral, you will be responsible for any additional expenses. In many cases your health insurance plan may cover part or all of that cost. The REACH staff will discuss cost options with you and will ensure that you get the help you need.


How do I contact REACH?
To make an appointment, talk to a counselor by phone, inquire about our services, call 1-800-273-5273 toll-free. For non-emergency needs, call us during regular business hours: 8am to 5 PM Monday through Friday. For crisis situations, access to a professional counselor is available by phone 24hours, 7 days a week. For non-urgent information, referrals or additional concerns or questions  email us at 


For a short video overview of EAP services please click the Video tab at the bottom of this page.

For an overview of services, click on the following REACH employee brochure:

REACH Brochure

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