About Your REACH Employee Assistance Program Benefit

About Your REACH Employee Assistance Program Benefit

Whether you are in crisis or just need some resource information, we want to be absolutely, 100% sure, that you know about REACH and how to use your EAP benefit.  To get our straight answers to your most common questions and watch a short intro video overview of services click GO!

Health Matters & REACHline E-Wellness Newsletter

HEALTH MATTERS & REACHline E-Wellness Newsletter

It’s your health that really matters! That’s why we seek to keep you in top shape by providing critical information about your health through our 8 page quarterly REACH E-Wellness Newletter.  Let HEALTH MATTERS help you discover symptoms, warning signs and triggers to the most common health risks. It is sure to help you live healthier and longer!  click GO!

REACHnet Spotlight

REACHnet Spotlight

REACH Spotlight, allows an up close and personal way for you to meet those that are a part of REACHnet – our referral network of highly qualified professionals and services. REACHnet resources provide work/life assistance, continued care clinical treatment, life skill building assistance, and other low cost resources. Meet our featured professionals under the spotlight!

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